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How has Atlanta author and certified personal trainer Jamie “The Motivator” Hayes helped his personal training clients in Atlanta collectively lose over 2,000 lbs?  

Since founding of his first fitness facility, Peak Performance 360 in 2010, he has reinvented the personal training experience in Atlanta with an integrative nutritional, exercise, and mental approach to sculpting the body, reducing injury, and restructuring one’s day-to-day systems and processes.

Now owner of a second facility, JTM Fitness Gym Jamie uniquely shapes his strength-endurance programs for weight loss / toning / sculpting focused people.

When Atlanta personal training clients adhere to his plan,

they easily lose at least 5-10 lbs in the first month!*

Specifically, Jamie integrates an adaptable structure based on your needs, wants, and lifestyle. You will redefine yourself with a new control and confidence over your physical and mental self (and without detox diets, supplements, and over-the-top exercises-no gimmicks needed to achieve what you want). From busy professionals to brides, Jamie’s personal training clients have truly changed their lives (not just lost weight).

*Be the next to transform yourself. Come in for a free consultation and a personal training session with Jamie Today!

You could be next to see amazing results!

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